Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am blown away. Blown away. In less than one week of blogging on this year's blogging platform, the kids have generated 38 posts and 208 comments. WOW! I am so excited to read what the kids have to write. It is also SO exciting to read the comments left by family members, friends, students, and faraway visitors to our website. It is my goal to have the students post reflections of upcoming lessons as well as links to the projects that are generated in the computer lab as part of the assessments that are taken in various subject areas. First up will be the wordles they created during the first week. Next week we will be putting together various reviews and reflections of the Scientific Method Process using all of the images that were taken during our experiments this past week and a half. Stay tuned. It is going to get pretty exciting around here!
The direct link to read the students' writing is Check it out!

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